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We have for a number of years propagated and grown exotic clumping bamboos.  Currently we have in stock 4 varieties that do well in Central Texas - Alphonse Karr, Golden Goddess, Green Hedge and Graceful (textillis gracillis).  Pricing varies from $35 - $150 depending on size and variety.

We are picky about our plants and many of the plants that do well here - mostly native - are not generally commercially available.  In January, 2019 we started a growing operation to grow those hard to find plants in addition to stock we regularly use.  We expect to have a good variety by fall of 2019.  Our current stock includes Japanese Umbrella, Sego Palms, Red and Yellow Yucca, Mexican Honeysuckle, Basket (aka Bear) Grass, Purple Heart, Cast Iron Plant, and White Mistflower.  Stay tuned for coming crops.

Alphonse Karr Bamboo
Graceful Bamboo (Textilis Gracilis)
Graceful Bamboo (Textilis Gracilis)
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