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From Left to Right:  Lou Ella, JP Shepard, Fulgencio (Tony) Rojas, Cordellia, Juan Flores, Lear

About Us

From left to right:  Lou Ella, JP Shepard, Fulgencio (Tony) Rojas, Cordelia, Juan Flores, Lear

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It's Not Our First Rodeo

We are a small group based in South Austin and work job to job by referral only.  If you need it next week, we're not a good choice.  Normally it takes weeks, sometime months to work thru the design process and get the project layered into the schedule. The upside is our experience and dedication to excellence.  The 3 of us are the core of the group and the 3 of us have worked together  for over 20 years creating unique, sophisticated landscapes in Austin.  We run the company as a family business and we take immense pride in every project we do. We work in all design styles, all committed to sustainability and each fitted to the individual client. We have proudly done our part in keeping Austin's landscapes weird. 

Attention to Detail  

We understand the makings of a sophisticated landscape.  We are committed to using the highest quality materials, quality of workmanship and providing quality service. We work closely with the client to fully understand preferences and needs.  Our primary goal is to create truly unique landscapes suited to the purposes of the client.  

Looking after Mother Earth

Water conservation and sustainable landscape design is in everything we do. We specialize in rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, supporting urban wildlife and drainage/runoff capture.

Bubba says, "Re-Claim, Re-Purpose, or Re-Cycle Everthang".  

Looking over Juan's new peach crop.

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